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Our Last Blog 07.06.2019
The Flight Home 07.06.2019
The Way of the Cross 07.06.2019
Miracles above and below 05.06.2019
Jerusalem History 04.06.2019
Up to Jerusalem 03.06.2019
Masada – An Engineering Marvel 03.06.2019
Keep walking, but you won’t break down our wall… NOT 01.06.2019
Dan in Dan 01.06.2019
See of Galilee (lots to see!) 01.06.2019
See of Galilee (lots to see!) 30.05.2019
Our First Day on Tour 29.05.2019
A day in Netanya 28.05.2019
A long day 27.05.2019
There will be change! 25.05.2019
A night in Ormond Beach 24.05.2019
We leave early tomorrow morning 23.05.2019